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Welcome to JR flowers!

We are glad you took the time to view our site. JR Flowers is a wedding florist located in Leesburg VA, near Loudoun County’s beautiful wine country. We provide flowers for weddings and other special events in Northern VA, Maryland and Washington DC.

Our style is “elegance with flair”. We thrive on lush and colorful designs. Flowers are such an integral part of weddings and events and we love every aspect of designing and working with them. It can be overwhelming trying to decide on the best flowers on your own, so let us take that stress away for you! You tell us how you want your wedding to feel and give us your favorite colors, we can handle the rest! We are happy to sit down with you and discuss all of the floral details for your joyous day.


Meet the owner



I’m  Shirley Goodwin, owner and lead designer at JR Flowers. Many people enjoy working with flowers but my relationship with them is so different. Flowers have been my heart for my entire life. In early childhood I spent so much time in the garden with my mother and grandmother. As an adult I started to design for family and friends but there was always a desire for more. Something was telling me to develop a deeper connection with floral design. I felt unsure about joining the wedding industry for years but finally I couldn’t ignore the part of my inner being that wanted to be immersed in floral design. I apprenticed with many leaders in the wedding industry and attended workshops and conferences to gain experience. In 2016 I started the business and haven’t looked back. I consider it a complete honor to be trusted by engaged couples to help them design such an important aspect of their wedding. I value quality product, a cohesive aesthetic and an extreme attention to detail. This is so important because your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. You need a professional team to work with you to make sure all of the floral details meet your high expectations. If you are like me, you are quite busy. Having an experienced designer handling all of the details is a huge time saver and stress reliever. If you envision an elegant and timeless event with premium flowers, you and I will work very well together.


JR Flowers is named after my two sons, Justin and Ryan. I can’t thank my family enough (especially my husband Will) for supporting me in my journey to bring amazing, high quality floral designs to my clients.  Few things make me happier than my family and designing flowers that provide joy to my clients on their special day!

We welcome all engaged couples and clients to contact me directly with any questions. I sincerely want to get to know and assist you during this important time in your life.  

Click the email link below, let’s get the conversation started about your wedding!